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Pride India Awards - Special Edition

Indian Fashion Awards

Indian Fashion Awards 2023

Where fashion excellence takes center stage

The biggest festival of recognition is back with a bang!

Welcome to the Indian Fashion Awards 2023, where style meets innovation and creativity reigns supreme!

In a country known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse fashion landscape, we are delighted to present a prestigious platform that celebrates the best of Indian fashion. The Indian Fashion Awards 2023 is an esteemed accolade dedicated to recognizing and honoring the exceptional talents, designers, and brands that have made significant contributions to the Indian fashion industry.

Out of many categories ranging from business excellence to youth recognition, Fashion awards always steal the limelight with their charm. Through these honours, Pride India Awards recognizes the individuals related to the Fashion industry who left everyone mesmerized with their ideas, skills, projection and unique sense of fashion and makeup.

By participating in the Indian Fashion Awards 2023, you not only have the chance to showcase your unique aesthetic and creative prowess but also gain access to a network of industry leaders, fashion influencers, and trendsetters. This vibrant community will provide you with invaluable connections, mentorship opportunities, and exposure to the latest industry insights, propelling your fashion journey to new heights.

Submit your entry today and let your designs become a testament to your passion, creativity, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Award Categories

Celebrate Fashion's Finest

Discover the extraordinary talents, innovation, and style that shape the industry as we celebrate the exceptional achievements across a diverse spectrum of fashion categories.

Rewarding the fashion illustrators whose creative minds have blown many minds!

Aimed at appreciating the accessory designers, which becomes a beauty multiplier and a fashion differentiator. 

Through this award, Pride India Awards celebrates the excellence of designers in menswear.

This award compensates for the fashion distinction in such a diverse market as womenswear.

The right platform and accolade for the fashioner who can revolutionize the menswear.

Providing the accolade to the mind-blowing fashioner who has the potential to create an impact in women's fashion.

Celebrating the consistency of a Fashion Model who did excellent work throughout the year and always came up with the best.

Rewarding the fashioner's consistency in making progress in the fashion sector.

This award is just the right acknowledgement for all who share the vision of charity with a fashion revolution.

This award celebrates the visionaries who left an indelible experience in the fashion industry throughout their lives.

This award is a token of appreciation for the fashion schools providing quality fashion education and preparing the generation to shine in the industry.

Through this award, we aim to honour the makeup artists who ensure picture-perfect looks.

This goes out to the brand that added a fresh perspective to the fashion industry.

Dedicated to ones whose lens transforms fashion into captivating visual stories that capture moments of elegance and artistry.

The Online fashion destination of the year revolutionized how we shop and discover fashion, offering a seamless and immersive digital experience for fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

This award recognizes the Fashion Stylist of the Year, who effortlessly combined creativity, aesthetics, and individuality to define the forefront of fashion.

The Makeup Product of the Year redefines beauty standards, delivering innovative formulas, vibrant colours, and transformative textures that empower individuals to express their unique style.

The Fashion Personality of the Year (Female) exudes charisma, grace, and an innate sense of style, inspiring millions with her fashion choices and influencing the industry with her distinct presence.

The Fashion Personality of the Year (Male) embodies sophistication and sartorial excellence, pushing boundaries and redefining men's fashion with his impeccable taste and influential demeanour.

Frequently asked questions

We aim to recognize the talent and hard work in different fields and ensure unbiased and proper judgement. The selection process for the Indian Icon Awards involves a rigorous evaluation by a panel of industry experts, eminent personalities, and seasoned professionals.

Nominees are assessed based on their accomplishments, innovation, leadership, financial performance, social impact, and adherence to ethical standards. The judging panel ensures a fair and transparent evaluation process to identify the most deserving recipients in each category.

Participating in the Indian Fashion Awards 2023 is a remarkable opportunity for individuals and organizations to showcase their excellence and be acknowledged on a prominent stage. The benefits derived from this participation go beyond the event itself, paving the way for continued success and growth in the future.

If you or your organization has made significant contributions and achieved remarkable success in your field, we invite you to participate in the Indian Fashion Awards 2023. Nominate yourself or others in the relevant award categories by visiting our official website and completing the nomination form.

Ensure that you provide comprehensive details about your achievements, initiatives, and the impact you have made in your industry. Our esteemed panel of judges will thoroughly evaluate each nomination to identify the true icons of Indian business.

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Put Your Fashion Business in the Spotlight

Nominate your fashion business for the Pride India Awards – Special Edition and gain well-deserved recognition for your exceptional work, innovation, and contributions to the industry.