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About Us

About PIA

India's Biggest Award Platform For Businesses

Pride India Awards is one of the biggest award platform to recognize and promote businesses and professionals. We aim to include a diverse classification of businesses and professionals and offer them a platform none like others.

We have awards in different categories, and based on pre-set judging criteria we declare the winners of each category. The judging process is fair and impartial. We present this opportunity to all the entrepreneurs around the world and call all the amazing and talented minds.

All businesses or organizations and individuals can nominate themselves. Nomination is simple and hassle-free; all you need to do is fill out a detailed form and pay a minimal fee—and that’s it, you are set to compete with all the prestigious leaders in the industry.

Meet the Mastermind Behind PIA

VinayKumar Narayanaswamy

Founder, Pride India Awards

With over four years of enriching experience in journalism, Mr. Vinay Kumar developed a keen interest in the immigration sector. As the founder and managing partner at Sandpiper Visas, he has helped numerous individuals and families achieve their dreams of immigrating to the countries of their dreams, All the way providing expert advice and guidance on the complex and ever-changing immigration process. 

Mr. Vinay Kumar is fluent in multiple languages, possesses an in-depth knowledge of immigration law and regulations, and exceptional organizational and communication skills enabling him to simplify complex information and procedures for his clients. 

The thriving career graph didn’t stay put in one particular field for him. His next venture led him to create a substantial award platform for celebrating business achievements in various categories. Being an avid supporter of indigenous-owned businesses, Mr. Vinay Kumar recognizes the value of promoting businesses owned and operated by Indians. His unique ideation and dedication culminated in the Pride India Awards. PIA is among India’s most prominent award platforms and reflects his advocacy efforts to promote the growth and success of Indigenous businesses & businessmen. 

In addition to his remarkable professional accomplishments, Mr. Vinay Kumar is known for his empathetic approach toward his teammates and clients. As a visionary, team leader, companion and confidante, he is a mighty motivating force for many!

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Why Join PIA

What do you stand to gain through PIA platform?

Pride India Awards will put you or your business on a stage where the world can see and recognize  you!

Not only you will get recognition in the industry, but you will make hundreds of important connections here that will help your business grow and expand. Your brand value will increase manifolds with this award as a feather in the cap.

We invite you and  your business to nominate for Pride India Awards and wish for the best and most distinguished ones to win.


Hear From Our Sponsors & Participants

Since winning PIA award, it feels like there have been so many high potential opportunities knocking at the door, creating exciting networks or allowing us to build and grow our brand even more!

RK Gupta

The PIA Awards has brought us excellent publicity and generated some really interesting and potential business opportunities. for us It was a great decision to participate.

Preethi Patel

Our involvement as a sponsor in the Pride India Awards had a very positive effect on our brand. The media coverage and publicity gave a boost to our company and contributed a lot to our brand awareness.

Anup Bajaj