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Pride India Awards - Special Edition

Indian Influencer Awards

Indian Influencer Awards 2023

Shining a Spotlight on Influential Voices

Through Indian Influencers Awards 2023, Pride India Awards takes a step forth to celebrate the budding content creators and speakers whose efforts left an indelible mark in the market.

We wish to give influencers deserving recognition and a platform where they become known faces and get even more fame!

Award Categories

Recognizing Influence Across Industries

Indian Influencers Awards welcome nominations for the following:

Best Food and Drink Campaign

This award is dedicated to the content creators who led a successful campaign for Food and Drink Campaign.

Best Travel Campaign

This award appreciates excellence in digital content, creativity, strategy or branding in the travel category.

Best Health & Wellness Campaign

This award honours distinction in content, branding, strategy or creativity for Health & Wellness Category.

Best Fashion and Style Campaign

This award honours content creators who have delivered exceptional campaigns creating impact for a Fashion or Lifestyle Brand

Best Beauty Campaign

This award has been introduced to honour the content creators who created a campaign that significantly impacted a Beauty/ Wellness Brand.

Best Campaign in a Small Budget

This award is a reward to recognize the cost-cutting efforts of content creators; more simply, this award is for the creators who created high-impact and noteworthy campaigns for a brand/campaign with a minuscule budget.

Most Effective Campaign for ROI

This award acknowledges influencers who were the game-changers by giving maximum Return-on-Investment for a particular campaign.

Most Efficient Collaboration

Among the criteria for this award is the successful collaboration of a brand, agency, Influencer, and tech to execute a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Most Innovative Influencer Marketing Campaign

The award recognizes a marketing campaign that surprised the industry with its unique & disruptive approach.

Best Brand Engagement Campaign

A campaign with social media campaign that used influencers and content creators to increase brand engagement will win this award.

Best Integrated Influencer Marketing Campaign (multi-channel)

This award recognizes the effort of a campaign that has used multiple social channels effectively to promote the brand.

Best Use of Video Content

This award recognizes the extraordinary use of audio-visual through social media, influencing the community positively.

Best Large Influencer Marketing Agency

This award will go to such an agency with 20 employees over a year who has excelled at influencer marketing.

Best small-scale Influencer Marketing Agency

For this award, brands or individuals who have done outstanding influencer marketing campaigns for more than a year & with consistent employee strength of 5-20 will be recognized.

Best Web series of the year

This award goes out to the web series projecting the best ideas on screen, the parameters being outstanding cinematography, script writing, dialogues and many more!

Entertainer of the Year

This award recognizes the most entertaining content creator who has touched many hearts with a distinct sense of content creation.

Most viral content creator of the year

Awarding the creator who has created dynamic content that has gone viral across various social networks.

Best Fashion Vlogger of the Year

This award is a recognition for the best fashion video content creator of the year 2023

Best Beauty Vlogger of the Year

Recognizing the most engaging beauty video content creator of 2023

Best Blog of the year

This award acknowledges the popular Blog's fascinating content and creates a pleasing audience.

Rising Star of the Year

Rising Star of the Year will be awarded to upcoming content creators with less than two years of experience in content creation who have shown the most growth.

Best Newcomer of the Year

The award will acknowledge individuals less than a year into the industry who have gained popularity by gaining followers and creating great content.

Celebrity Influencer of the Year

This award will honour individuals with over 1 million followers who have significantly impacted the community /people through their social channels.

Influencer of the year

The award will recognize the most successful Influencer in 2023 who has earned the audience's trust and has shown significant growth in terms of followers & partnered with well-established brands.

Disruptor of the year

This category will be awarded to someone who has used social media in the most innovative /disruptive way to handle a brand/client campaign.

Trendsetter of the year

This award will recognize content creators who have set excellent benchmarks in the market.

International Influencer of the Year

This accolade will recognize someone who has reached across borders and created noteworthy content/ design/ brand building/ strategy for a brand outside India through social media.

Best Fashion Influencer (male and female)

This award will honour content creators explicitly catering to the Fashion Industry / Fashion Brands.

Best Lifestyle Influencer

The award recognizes content creators/brands providing lifestyle-related services.

Best Tech Influencer

This honour will reward excellent content creators, particularly those catering to digital technology.

Best Food Influencer

This award recognizes the influencers dedicated to establishing brands/ restaurants/ hotels in the Food Sector.

Best Beauty Influencer

This prize will honour excellence to individuals providing social media content towards the Heath and Beauty Segment.

Best Health & Wellbeing Influencer

This accolade will be awarded to influencers catering to the Health/Sports/Wellbeing Industry.

Best Travel Influencer

This honour recognizes individuals who create great content through social media for the Travel Industry.

Best Philanthropy & Green Influencer

This title will be awarded to an influencer who has inspired millions to follow sustainable & eco-friendly practices through the best use of social media.

Best Entertainment Influencer

This prize will recognize content creators in the Entertainment sector.

Best Product Reviewer of the Year

This honour will reward excellence to an individual who has given multiple authentic, insightful & engaging product reviews over the last year.

Best Art & Photography Influencer

This award will recognize the most outstanding Influencer in Art & Photography segment.

Best Education Influencer

This award recognizes individuals who create unique content and visibility for the Education Industry/Brands.

Best Influencer Marketing Platform

To honour a leading technology platform that promotes effective marketing across multiple channels. Influencer's proprietary technology simplifies the influencer marketing process for advertisers and creators.

Best Influencer Discovery Tool

Rewarding the tool or service that entrusts brands and agencies to discover the most relevant partners for their campaigns.

Best Relationship Management Tool

Recognizing the best platform or tool that supports a client's influencer marketing efforts. Influencer relationship management includes creating positive relationships with social media influencers.

Best Campaign Planning and Management Tool

Awarding the tool or platform that empowers clients to make smarter campaign decisions. With a prime focus on campaign planning and management.

Frequently asked questions

We aim to recognize the talent and hard work in different fields and ensure unbiased and proper judgement. The selection process for the Indian Icon Awards involves a rigorous evaluation by a panel of industry experts, eminent personalities, and seasoned professionals.

Nominees are assessed based on their accomplishments, innovation, leadership, financial performance, social impact, and adherence to ethical standards. The judging panel ensures a fair and transparent evaluation process to identify the most deserving recipients in each category.

Participating in the Indian Influencers Awards 2023 offers many benefits for individuals and organizations alike. This prestigious event provides unparalleled recognition and a platform to enhance brand reputation and establish winners as esteemed industry leaders and influencers.

If you or your organization has made significant contributions and achieved remarkable success in your field, we invite you to participate in the Indian Influencers Awards 2023. Nominate yourself or others in the relevant award categories by visiting our official website and completing the nomination form.

Join us as we celebrate the exceptional achievements, innovative ideas, and exemplary leadership of Indian icons who have transformed industries and inspired generations.

The Indian Influencers Awards 2023 is your opportunity to be recognized and honoured for your outstanding contributions to the Indian digital media landscape.

Nominate yourself or others today and participate in this prestigious celebration of excellence!

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