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Pride India Awards - Special Edition

Women Leadership Awards

Women Leadership Awards 2023

Breaking Barriers, Inspiring Change

Pride India Awards take immense pleasure in honouring women who defied the odds and achieved heights in different sectors with their innovation, dedication, and endless resilience. These awards are especially dedicated to the women who, with the strength of their determination, broke all the stereotypes and inequality and became who they are. Through our awards, we also celebrate women who pioneered in their respective fields, every award in this category applauds their willpower of taking action to bring about change in the world.

Pride Indian Awards personally derives inspiration from women in work, hence, we come forth to provide them with a platform that helps their voices reach the whole world.

Award Categories

Celebrating Remarkable Women Leaders

We welcome nominations for the following categories:

Celebrate the exceptional achievements of inspiring women who have shaped the services industry with the Pride India Women Leader of the Year award. This prestigious accolade recognizes the unwavering dedication and exemplary leadership of women who have made significant contributions in various service sectors.

To find out how many hearts have your film reached, there's no better chance than this. Our jury scrutinizes the movies as per excellence in writing, cinematography, direction and impact. If you think you have given your best shot and possess the quality of a cinematic genius, don't forget to nominate your film.

Pride India Entrepreneur of the year Awards honours bold visionaries and see them as the real game-changers. We celebrate the vision and resilience of entrepreneurs who irrespective of business challenges exhibited leadership, innovation and commitment of the highest order to keep their winning streak going.

The Pride India Lifetime Achievement Award is the pinnacle of recognition, honouring individuals who have left an indelible mark on the business landscape throughout their illustrious careers. It is a simple yet persuasive way to pay respect to their legacy. Through this prestigious award, we celebrate a lifetime of outstanding achievements, visionary leadership, and significant contributions to their respective industry.

We take a step forth to recognize women who demonstrated exceptional leadership in the industrial landscape. This award has all the potency to fuel their leadership and apt decision-making business making abilities.

Let the best nominations be there!

The Pride Indian of the Year is a recognition of the individual making exemplary achievements in the business landscape and setting the bar for others to perform well. In other words, whoever has been bringing outstanding results by bringing effective perspective and innovation to the Indian market and helping the market thrive, surely deserves this accolade.

We Celebrate brilliance and innovation in marketing with the Pride India Marketing Leader of the Year award. This prestigious accolade does not just recognize the exceptional achievements of an individual in the marketing field but also the preservation of ethical and moral conduct while marketing.

This award is specially crafted to honour the business leaders who have made remarkable transformations over the years through their exceptional business management abilities. Let us acknowledge you for how far you have come!

Taking a moment to recognize the outstanding achievements of financial leaders who have made a significant impact on the industry with the Pride India Financial Leader of the Year award. Financial professionals who have demonstrated exceptional expertise, strategic vision, and exemplary leadership are honoured with this prestigious award.

Rewarding the diligence and excellence of the Manufacturing and Operations Leader who delivered only the most promising results irrespective of the numerous hindrances and challenges. To appreciate their excellence with Pride India Manufacturing and Operations Leader of the Year, nominate the best in your network!

Frequently asked questions

Nominate yourself or others in the relevant award categories by visiting our official website and completing the nomination form. Ensure that you provide comprehensive details about your achievements, initiatives, and the impact you have made in your industry. Our esteemed panel of judges will thoroughly evaluate each nomination to identify the true icons of Indian business.

Pride India Awards is one of the prestigious awards in India that covers a very different range of categories right from business to the entertainment industry, we acknowledge the hard workers and their efforts in what they do. To get in line with our philosophy, we ensure unbiasedness and truthfulness in the event. Our highly-experienced jury ensures excellence at par with quality standards.

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Empowering women leaders

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